As students for good sex and relationships education in theory we’re a LOT of people.

If you’d like to be one a bit more public you can join us by tweeting about us, liking our facebook page and signing our petition.

More specifically there’s a few of us in Leeds, UK running this site and at the moment sharing blogging, facebooking, tweeting, and site maintenance at various proportions.

Joanna Lane

“I’m a masters student in the School of Sociology and Soical policy at the University of Leeds. I’m interested in the sociology of health, in particular in relation to gender. In terms of policy, I am particularly interested in how we understand fertility and contraceptive choices.  I like working on my allotment, especially growing fruit trees and cooking for my friends.”

Lora Noëlle Evans: 

“I am a masters student in Social Research, at the University of Leeds. My studies have centred largely around sex education in policy and practice, with a particular focus on young people’s right to autonomy, self-determination and learning about pleasure.”

Allie Hughes:

 “I am a masters student of social policy at the university of leeds. My studies focus around childcare and parents’ access to work. I like talking and thinking about gender as a social construction… that is, why men and women dress differently, act differently, etc. and if this difference is a real biological fact or/and something that happens because of the way other people expect us to act. My top three breakfast foods are pancakes and bacon, leftover pizza, and marmite on toast.”

Jacob Mirzaian:

“I am a 3rd year architectural engineering student and long time volunteer at scarleteen.com and started s4sre.com this year. I really think that there is a parallel between healthy sexual relationships and healthy power relationships so being able to protest and challenge and collaborate and organise really can be part of the best sex education ever. I also like concocting strange mystical performances with my guitar and my poems!”

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